Enjoy The Desert Tour


This past Friday we picked up our son Conroy from Flagstaff, AZ and we drove back to Rio Rancho, NM.  A person he met through his work that works for the National Park Service recommended that since we were driving back on Hwy 40 that we stop and check out the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona.  He said it was a really cool National Park that most people drive right by with some incredible views and definitely worth the price of admission.

I decided to post some of the photos that we took while we were there, so that you can see how cool this desert tour is with plenty of hiking trails and it’s not very busy for a National Park. 

We added about an hour and a half to our trip checking out this National Park and it was definitely worth the extra time getting back to New Mexico from Arizona.  There is a one mile loop trail that you can take along the Painted Desert Rim trail that has spectacular views.  Here are some photos that I took of that area for you to check out.  You can also ride horses at this National Park if you want to BYOH (bring your own horse) for the horse lovers out there. 

The Blue Mesa.

The Painted Desert Rim was cool and I don’t think the photos do it justice. We then cruised down to the Blue Mesa section of the park and hiked out on another loop that was really spectacular. It’s another 1 mile hike that you can take advantage of on a nice paved trail. Hardly anyone was there, which is pretty crazy for as cool as this site was to visit. It felt like you were on another planet or the moon touring this part of this National Park. I’ve included some photos of it below and you could see some of the trees from petrified forest in this location as well.

Becky on the Blue Mesa trail

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