How Anyone Can Earn A Six Figure Income


Do you realize most people in America will not earn a six figure income?  Type in “average annual income” into Google amd you will see this…

”According to the US Census Bureau persons with doctorates in the United States had an average income of roughly $81,400. The average for an advanced degree was $72,824, with men averaging $90,761 and women averaging $50,756 annually.”

Is that enough money for most people to live in America?  Maybe in some parts of the country, but the reality is that most Americans are not earning enough money.  In many cases and places Americans are living in the equivalent of a third-world country.  The cost of living in America is just too high in many parts of the country. Millions do not earn enough money to pay their bills, let alone get ahead.

Think this isn’t true?  Look at the average price of a home in America…

“The median house price rose to a record high of $345,800 in May, from $310,200 in the prior month. The average sales price last month was $406,400, also a record high. –”

Millions of women earning the $50,756 annually cannot afford to purchase an average home of $406,000.  A person would need 10% down or $40,600 and $6,535 a month to get a mortgage and buy a home at that price. Yet, most people believe they can. They are delusional, not willing to face the reality of their situation. They need more money.

If you are like most people – you need more money!  The numbers don’t lie.  Listen to the financial gurus and they will tell you to invest in the stock market or start a business (most of them fail and are expensive) or spend the next twenty years saving every dime.  In the meantime, you are getting older and the cost of living is going up and up.

What you won’t hear is what everyone actually needs to do – Figure Out How To Earn More Money! The best way to do this because is what everyone says not to do. Where else can you start a small business for $25 and about $120 a month? Seriously! Can you rent an office for $125 a month? Hire an employee? Of course not. Yet, you can build a second income using a Network Marketing business and get paid on three levels of sales coming through your business for that small amount of cash.


The financial gurus, your parents, your friends will all tell you not to join a multi-level marketing business.  They are wrong!  Odds are good they are in the same boat as most Americans living paycheck to paycheck.  The only way you can get ahead is to create leverage.  You shouldn’t join just any Network Marketing business.  You need to know how you are going to get paid.

Have you ever played the game Monopoly?  Does anyone win going around the board and collecting $200?  No.  You have to buy property and get people to land on your property and pay you rent. The more property you buy the more you earn and the player going around the board without property is going to lose.  Network Marketing allows you to do the same thing!

I joined a company for $25 and I buy at least $100 a month in nutritional products.  Next I get five to ten other people to do the same.  Watch what happens with this specific Network Marketing company if I get seven people (like seven properties) to buy $100 a month in products each month through the company and train those seven to do the same:

7 Networkers, 49 Networkers, 343 Networkers

That’s a Network size of 399 Networkers in a team. Only with Network Marketing can you build a team of 7 Networkers and grow it to a team of 399 or more that you can get paid on.  If you earned an average of $6 per sale or 6% on $100 purchase and you have a team of 399 Networkers place an order, the check would be $2,394 a month or an extra $28,728 per year.  This is a hypothetical example of a three level deep pay plan that pays 8%, 8% and 7% with a minimum $100 a month order.

What is some of your team orders $200 or $300 in product?  What if you have a Network of 10 instead of 7 that join your team?  What if your team grows down another level or two or three?  For example, just on more level of 7 getting 7 would grow your team by 2,401 more Networkers.  If that one level of your team purchased $100 a month in products, at a $5 commission it is over $12,000 in additional monthly income.

This opportunity is available to anyone and everyone.  Most people won’t do it.  They would rather be broke or not try to make this work than risk a whopping $25 to get started and $100 a month.  Think about that level of stupidity.  Seriously, walk into work tomorrow and tell your boss you want the opportunity to earn a massive income.  See how that goes.

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