Start A $299 A Year Affiliate Business And Drive A Porsche

How Much Is It To Drive A Nice Porsche?

What most people don’t know is that if they earned just an extra $1,000 a month from an online business they could be using that business to purchase a high-end vehicle like a Porsche.  You can find a pretty nice used Porsche for about $60,000 and if you have decent credit and put no money down, it should cost around $997 a month to finance this vehicle with sales tax for 72 months.

That seems like a huge payment, but it’s really only an additional $12,000 a year that you would need in additional income to finance and fund this vehicle.  Another way to look at it is that you could be having a second income stream buying a Porsche for you.  That’s what we will be discussing in this article and how to do it with an Affiliate Program promoting a new automotive website that you can join for just $299 a year!  If you could create an extra $12,000 a year from a $299 Affiliate Program that would be a really good deal.  It’s not as difficult as you might think.


There are thousands of people earning plenty of money promoting products online.  As reported on the website Business Insider, this one fashion blogger earns up to $15,000 each time she posts a photo wearing certain clothes on Instagram.  The article goes on to say, “According to Harper’s Bazaar, brands spend more than $1 billion each year on sponsored Instagram posts.” You would need hundreds of thousands or a few million people following you in order to earn that kind of money.  They get paid like an affiliate for recommending the products they are wearing.  That’s not going to happen for most people, but obviously if $1 billion is being spent by brands just on Instagram people are earning money online for advertising products and services – so it works.

In 2019 the classic car industry raked in $1.8 billion with millions of people who own classic cars.  In addition to classic and vintage cars there are millions of people who are selling their vehicles right now on a variety of websites like Cars, Autotrader, CarGurus, Carfax, Edmunds, Craigslist and many more.  There are tens of millions of vehicles being sold by dealerships around the country.  What if there was a new automotive listing site that was different from all of the others and they would pay you as an Affiliate for promoting their website and helping to create new member sales?

How Can You Earn $1,000 A Month From Another Income Stream is a Member Driven Virtual Car Club where people can join for $299 and list up to 15 vehicles a month, which is a great deal for anyone who owns a vehicle.  It’s really a big deal for car dealerships because the larger listing sites charge more than $299 per month to list 15 vehicles a month on their sites.  Even Craiglist at $5 per vehicle is $75 a month or $900 a year for a small car dealership to list 15 vehicles a month.  They can list 15 vehicles a month at TopCarBid for only $299 a year and that’s just $1.66 per vehicle!

For an individual it’s still a great deal at $299 a year. If you live in Colorado you can sell up to three vehicles a year without having a dealer’s license.  Which means you can use to flip a few vehicles per year and put some more money in your pocket.  If you were to list and sell three vehicles a year and earned an average of $2,000 you would have $6,000 a year in additional income that you could put toward getting $12,000 a year for a Porsche. This is not any different than flipping houses, but on a smaller scale.

That’s the first way that you can earn money if you join as a Member for $299 a year.  Once you are a Member it’s free to become an Affiliate with TopCarBid and then you can earn $50 on each $299 purchase that comes through your Affiliate Link.  You also can get paid on other Affiliate’s who join through your Affiliate link.

What if you could create 10 sales a month as an Affiliate with TopCarBid?  You would need to have a PayPal account, so that the company can pay you as an Affiliate and that’s free, but you would earn $500 a month, which is half of the $1,000 a month needed to make a payment on a $60,000 Porsche.   It gets better though!  Because you are a Member Affiliate for $299 a year, if you have a few other Member Affiliates who joined through your Affiliate Link you earn $40 on their sales!  If you were to have just 5 Member Affiliates join under your Affiliate Link and they each create just 4 sales a month each, TopCarBid would pay you $800 a month!  That’s 5 Affiliates x 4 sales – 20 sales a month x $40 per $299 sale, which is $800 a month!  So between your Personal Sales and your Tier 1 Affiliate sales you would earn $1,300 a month in this hypothetical example, which is enough to pay for a Porsche.

The Simplicity Of Share Merchant

Here’s the process to getting started as an Affiliate.

  1. Join the Member Driven Virtual Car Club for $299 and you can list cars, write articles (about the automotive industry), build your profile.
  2. Make sure you have a PayPal account that the company can pay you through.
  3. Login to your account and join as an Affiliate for free.
  4. Start promoting your Affiliate Link and signing up other people who own vehicles, dealerships or who want to build a second income.

Does that sound difficult?  Seriously.  It’s that simple and because it just launched you can start promoting it before other people know about it.

How The Compensation Plan Works

It’s super simple.

  1. Join as a Member for $299 a year or more (there are different Memberships available)
  2. Join as an Affiliate

Once you join you can get paid on your personal sales that come through your Affiliate link and the sales of other Affiliates who join through your Affiliate link.  You can build a team of Affiliates to promote the website and there are no other qualifications.  The company is compensating Affiliates for advertising their website and helping to create sales.  You get paid $50 on personal sales and $40 on Affiliate sales made by other Affiliates who join through your Affiliate link. 

You Don’t Have To Order Products Each Month

Unlike many companies that try to lock you into a monthly payment plan, is an annual Membership Fee.  You can build a profile for yourself with a link to your business website, your LinkedIn profile, Facebook profile, Twitter account, etc.  You can write articles about the automotive industry or your car or anything automotive related.  For example, if you drive for Uber you can write about your experience as an Uber driver and it links to your profile and your vehicle.

Here’s an example of what a personal profile looks like –

It’s a really cool automotive website and it will just keep getting better as more people join and discover the benefits of this virtual car club.  If you want to join use my Affiliate link that will take you directly to the site or the link of the person who sent you here.  My Affiliate link –

Be sure and read the earnings disclaimer for this website.

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