Turning Your Timeshare Into Points

Key West – 24 North Property

I have talked to a number of people who own timeshares in various locations who go to the same place each year over and over again. Becky and I own a timeshare in Dillon, CO that we have only visited once.  This property is in a really desirable location for people to vacation because it’s very close to Breckenridge, CO and not far from Beaver Creek and A-Basin ski areas.

It’s all about the points.

This property in Dillon, CO is part of the points program with RCI, which means that by joining RCI we can deposit our week and exchange it to go somewhere else.  The average timeshare in America is $19,900 right now, plus annual maintenance fees that average at $1,000.  This one is under $700 a year.  By depositing our timeshare into RCI we get 44,500 points in their points network.

What does this mean? It’s really cool because a one-week timeshare can turn into multiple weeks if you know what you’re doing. For example, one year Becky and I used 15,000 points to go to Las Vegas for a week. We then went to Carlsbad, CA and used another 25,000 points to stay right across from the ocean over Christmas.

We still had another 4,500 RCI points left going into the next year. We upgraded to an over the top resort in Cancun that was about $300 a night for 7 days. It was amazing. That’s the benefits of points compared to weeks. Another year, we actually got three weeks for the cost of one using our points. If you own a timeshare then you need to find out if your timeshare has points, weeks or both. If it is points, then join RCI initially to deposit your week for points.

When you decide to do the exchange it’s usually a couple hundred dollars to do a transfer to another property. They usually have a ton of properties to choose from depending on the area you want to go. If you plan ahead you can usually get a pretty smoking deal.

Carlsbad Seapointe Resort

If you click on this link CLICK HERE you can see the directory of the places you can visit through RCI. Many people know about this already, but I have found many timeshare owners don’t know the benefit of dropping their timeshare into RCI and leveraging their points.  When I checked, there were currently 461 properties in Florida alone to choose from with another 283 in California, so there are some great options to check out.  The photo above is of the property we stayed at in Carlsbad, CA, which was really nice.

If you would like to check out the travel club that Becky and I joined for shorter stays when we are running marathons then just CLICK HERE (it will open in another tab).  Check it out and be sure to visit the site to view all of their products.  I just booked a great stay in Iceland for our son Conroy, who is going there this month with his girlfriend.  It was a huge savings compared to the popular travel websites.  Get in touch with me if you want to get started with your own travel business. You don’t have to get rich to have a good time!

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