The Cool Car Guy

Welcome to ShareMerchant.com  

My name is John Boyd and I own CoolCarGuy.com, which is boutique style car dealership in Lone Tree, CO. My wife Becky and I lived in Castle Rock, CO for 27 years with our three kids Conroy, Corban and Bianca who are all now adults off doing their own thing. Back in March of 2021 we moved to Rio Rancho, NM where there is about 10 inches of snow a year compared to the 76 inches a year in Castle Rock.  We decided to move for the warmer climate since we are avid recreational runners and enjoy traveling and running marathons together.

Since 2008 when I ran my first marathon in San Diego, I’ve ran a total of 93 marathons, that includes a couple of Ultra Marathons all around the United States with my wife Becky and various friends. This weekend we are heading back to Estes Park, CO to run that marathon again since they changed the course since the last time we ran it together. We ran the Steamboat Springs, CO marathon a couple of weeks ago. We don’t run these races fast anymore, but just for fun and mainly to go to cool places for a Weekend getaway and get some quality time and exercise together.

What’s the story behind ShareMerchant.com

I’ve owned this domain for years and I originally bought it years ago to promote a network marketing company I had gotten involved in with the idea of “get paid to share” as a share merchant. Yeah, kind of lame I know now because people didn’t really get it, but I decided to keep the domain. Recently, after COVID-19 destroyed the travel industry and millions of people were stuck in their homes instead of hotels and marathons were shut down, along with everything else, I reached out to a friend and client of mine that I had delivered a BMW to years ago as The Cool Car Guy. He had been working in the travel industry with a network marketing company and I was curious if his business had survived. It hadn’t, but he had found something that I was really interested in promoting part-time.

My friend Mark and his wife Sarah told me about this company out of Scottsdale, AZ that had a skin care line that they had been using for a while, along with some nutritional products that they said I should check out with my wife since we like to run. I’m 54 years old and I beat up my body pretty good running marathons, so I’m always looking for additional nutritional products for fuel, but I was really interested in the skin care products from the Dead Sea. Seriously, when you’re out running in the Sun for four hours or more at a time, sometimes five hours your skin can turn to leather over time. Which is why we hydrate a ton, drink green teas and other anti-oxidants, but a good skin care regime is definitely in order. My wife and I are both really picky when it comes to products too, so I wanted to check these out.

The Travel Club

Then he mentioned that they had a travel club as well. Mark explained that it was a network marketing company that I could join if I was interested and get discounts on the products and as long as I purchased at least $100 a month in products, including $50 a month for the travel club I could build a business part-time with the company. I know that many people don’t like Network Marketing businesses, but the reality is that most people don’t like any type of business. Which is why most start-up businesses fail. Let’s just be honest about it.

I like Network Marketing because I can earn a small percentage on sales of products from other people than myself with the tax benefits of a traditional business and not a great deal of upfront or long term costs involved. If you don’t know what that means you’ve probably never owned a traditional business because rent, utilities, government fees, licenses, website design and hosting, organizational memberships, employees, accounting, the list goes on and on in running a traditional business. I am always amazed when people think that joining a Network Marketing company for under $500 and about $100 a month is a bad deal, especially when it includes products.

Anyway, I joined the travel club (why wouldn’t I since we travel all the time) and decided to use ShareMerchant.com to promote this travel, skin care and nutritional business to owners of timeshares. It fits perfectly with share merchant because you’re using your timeshare to promote a Network Marketing travel, skin care and nutritional business and market products for profit.

  • There are over 10 million timeshare owners.
  • Most people don’t really know how to use timeshares like they don’t understand Network Marketing.
  • If you can use this travel Network Marketing business to earn enough money to pay your annual timeshare fees and membership fees to a timeshare exchange, plus your travel club membership, you have a free vacation each year.
  • You can earn more money if you want to and leverage your timeshare as a business expense to entertain people and show them how this business can work for them. Why not do that in Hawaii on vacation or Palm Springs on the golf course or in Mexico or somewhere cool by using your timeshare for your business?
  • There is zero competition. Seriously, who else is going to market a Network Marketing opportunity to timeshare owners? Ah, nobody. Especially, when radio ads are trying to tell people that they can get them out of their timeshares.
  • I intend to share some pretty cool ways to use your timeshare to go to some great spots for way less than what most people pay. We’ve taken multiple vacations are year with our timeshare and been to some great properties for a fraction of what other people have had to pay to stay at the same place.

And now you know all about ShareMerchant.com and if you want to join the travel club through my website link just CLICK HERE. This company has a binary pay plan, so that means that I can only have two legs in my organization, a left leg and a right leg, everyone else that joins goes into one of those two legs. If you decide to join through ShareMerchant.com you’re going to not go directly underneath me, but you’ll be placed somewhere within my organization under someone who joined before you did. I will let you figure that out or reach out to me for more information and I’ll explain it in more detail. The bottom line is that unlike many of these pay plans I’m actually working for the people beneath me and not just myself or the people above me.

In the meantime, thanks for visiting this site and taking the time to read the articles. It’s a work in progress. I plan to keep it fun and real like everything else I try to do in my life. I’m out of here for now. Becky and I are leaving at 5:30AM to drive to Estes Park, CO and run the marathon on Sunday Morning, June 20th. You can check out the marathon at this link if you’re interested – https://www.epmarathon.org/

If you want to find out more about the travel club and how you can get involved just visit our website by CLICKING HERE (it will open in a new tab) and then reach out to me after you have joined or if you have questions before. There is zero pressure from me, so I’m not going to bug you about getting involved. I’ve already explained to you why I’m doing this, so if you what to get involved with me that’s super cool. I’m still running my car dealership full-time from New Mexico, so this is a part-time gig for me to leverage my timeshares.