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Unlock Unlimited Earning Potential: Start Your Online Classified Ad Business with Freak Sites for Only $99 a Year!

How would you like to see a way that you could earn an extra income promoting a $99 a year classified ad website that hardly anyone has heard about yet?  How would hundreds or thousands of dollars a month in additional income impact your life and is it possible?  We cannot make any income claims when we’re talking about getting paid on an affiliate marketing program, but we can tell you that there is one website called Clickbank that has paid out over $6.2 billion in commissions to their network of over 100,000 affiliates.  Read on and we’re going to share you with you a real way you can earn 20% of each sale through your affiliate link by selling a real network of classified ad websites that are only $99 per year!  You can also earn an additional 10% from the sales of affiliates who join through your affiliate link.  Best of all, there is nothing like this series of branded classified ad websites online.

Have you ever heard of the benefit of being in on the “ground floor” of something when it first started before anyone knew about it?   This is one of those opportunities as you are soon going to discover.  I spoke with a woman recently, who said, “So, you don’t have the traffic of a Facebook Marketplace at these classified ad websites that you’re promoting for $99 a year?  That doesn’t sound like something I would be interested in selling until you have enough traffic that everyone knows about it.”  My response was, “So, you want to be the last person to sign-up at a website like Facebook Marketplace and not the first person who was using it?  By the way, how much is Facebook paying you to tell people like me to use Facebook Marketplace because they have so much traffic?”  We know the answer – nothing!

Early adopters are typically the people who earn the most money online.  If you look at the most popular Youtube and social media influencers they were the first to grab hold of the website, take a risk and gain a following.  These are the people who earn huge incomes from that platform year after year, while everyone else is trying to figure out how they did it and try to copy what they are doing.  After all, if these new classified ad websites had millions of users who were just going there automatically, why would they need to pay each affiliate 20% of a sale to promote it?

I’m not saying that what we’re going to share with you here at Share Merchant is the next Facebook, Craigslist, Twitter, etc. but it doesn’t have to be to earn a great income from it.  Starting an online classified advertising business with the Freak Sites Classified Ad Network is simple and affordable. For just $99 a year, you can become a subscriber and list unlimited classified ads on a specific Freak Site website.  When join as an affiliate marketer with Freak Sites you earn $20 for every $99 annual subscription sold through your referral link, plus $10 for every new affiliate who joins through your link.  Freak Sites Affiliate Marketers can use the sites to build their own classified advertising business, plus promote other affiliate marketing products on the site as well.  It’s not exclusive, but anyone can do this!

Imagine the possibilities for a minute: by simply getting just 30 sales of individuals or businesses to join as classified ad subscribers for $99 a year, you could earn $600 from a $99-a-year business! A $99 a year business is 27 cents a day to advertise and create an income.  The earning potential doesn’t stop there! If each of those 30 affiliates were to replicate your success and recruit 30 more people or businesses to join a Freak Site classified ad website for $99 a year, you would earn $10 for each of the 900 sales generated by your team of affiliates. That amounts to a staggering $9,000 in commissions, all while your cost to use one classified ad website to promote another affiliate marketing business remains only $99 a year.  There are currently 14 different classified ad sites in the Freak Site Classified Ad Network that you can leverage to do it again and again!  It’s a fantastic affiliate marketing program promoting a simple $99 a year classified advertising product. 

This Classified Advertising Opportunity Is Huge

The online classified ad industry is massive, with billions of dollars being spent annually. With the exclusive, one-of-a-kind classified ad network offered under the Freak Sites brand, the market potential for earning money selling classified ads is enormous. 

Pets Freak: People love their pets.  This is an exclusive Freak Sites classified ad site for pets and pet enthusiasts that you can promote.  There were 53,574 Veterinary Services business in the US as of 2023.  Do you think they could afford $99 a year to place a classified ad for their business classified ad website for pets?  This is just one website!

Cars Freak: There are over 250 million vehicles in the United States and over 60,000 independent used car dealerships alone, plus service centers, auto glass, body shops, repair facilities, social media influencers for cars, trucks and car related affiliate marketing products.  This is another exclusive Freak Site classified ad website for cars.  What if you were able to get 1,000 people to spend $99 a year to place classified ads in the automotive industry over the course of a year and you earned $20 per subscription or $10 from your affiliate sales?

Traders Freak: How many people are promoting products on Ebay or selling collectibles, trading cards, comics, t-shirts, sports memorabilia, electronics or anything online that can spend $99 a year to list their products?  There are not any listing fees or additional percentage of the sale being taken with Freak Sites.  It’s just a classified ad site that anyone can use to sell their stuff for $99 a year and use classified ads like an online store or to publish an ad for an affiliate product.

With 14 unique Freak Sites like the websites mentioned above you’re not limited to just one market to sell to and only one website to promote as a Freak Sites Affiliate Marketer.  The opportunity to create repeat sales of classified ads is amazing. 

Why Not Get Paid To Share?

This website has been developed to be your ultimate destination for unlocking the incredible earning potential of the Freak Sites Classified Ad Network!  Simply asking someone if you can share an affiliate link with them, so that they can find out about an inexpensive way to advertise online for $99 a year using classified advertising isn’t a hard thing to do.  As I mentioned earlier, the woman I spoke with mentioned Facebook Marketplace to me and she also talked about Instagram, Twitter and other places to advertise for free.  She’s being a free mouthpiece for those multi-billion dollar companies and they’re not paying her anything.

As we have been discussing, Freak Sites is a series of classified ad websites designed to empower individuals like you to harness the power of classified ads for only $99 a year. You simply join a Freak Site for free that fits whatever product, service, affiliate marketing program or business that you are promoting, you purchase a $99 annual subscription and you can start posting unlimited classified ads immediately for the entire year.  It’s that simple!

The Share Mercant website is designed to give you a very simple idea.

  “What if you could maximize income streams of combining the effectiveness of affiliate marketing with the timeless appeal of classified advertising?” 

Our unique approach allows you to leverage the Freak Sites Classified Ad Network to its fullest extent, promoting not only affiliate products, but any other merchant-type website offerings. You can join the Freak Sites Affiliate Program for free and get paid for helping us drive sales of the $99 a year classified ad subscriptions, which helps the company increase traffic to the advertisers.

How Much Can You Earn?

As a member of the Freak Sites Affiliate Program, you can supercharge your earnings potential beyond your own business or affiliate marketing program that you’re already promoting online. Earn $20 for every $99 annual advertising subscription sold through your referral link. You also can earn an additional $10 on any $99 a year classified ad subscriptions sold by any affiliate who has joined through your affiliate link. This means unlocking a vast income potential by adding more money to any affiliate marketing program that you’re currently promoting.

The Freak Sites Classified Ad Network is truly one-of-a-kind, offering a versatile platform for multiple income streams. And that’s why it’s called Freak Sites – because there’s nothing else like it online. We like to say that it’s a “freaking awesome” business idea.

ShareMerchant.com serves as a unique tool and resource for introducing and promoting the Freak Sites Affiliate Program and the Freak Sites Classified Ad Network to others. 

Whether you aim to launch a classified ad sales business, enhance your affiliate marketing campaigns, promote your website, or bolster your social media presence, the Freak Sites Classified Ad Network offers a solution for as low as $99 a year. Remember that is just 27 cents a day for effective online advertising!  It’s like a penny stock and has been priced this way for maximum reach, so a business or individual doesn’t have to overthink about $99 a year to advertise. 

Get Started Today!

Ready to dive in? Connect with the affiliate who directed you to this site and use their affiliate link to join. By doing so, you ensure they’re compensated $20 for introducing you to the innovative advertising products that are only available under the Freak Sites media brand.  Rather than spending $20 on online advertising to drive traffic to our website, we’re paying individual affiliates to help spread the word.

Come join us at Freak Sites and embark on a journey to fantastic earning and advertising potential with the Freak Sites Classified Ad Network. Don’t wait, get started advertising today for only $99 per year for a full year of advertising at the Freak Site classified ad site of your choice!  

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