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Welcome to ShareMerchant.com  

My name is John Boyd and I own CoolCarGuy.com, which is boutique style car dealership in Lone Tree, CO. My wife Becky and I lived in Castle Rock, CO for 27 years with our three kids Conroy, Corban and Bianca who are all now adults off doing their own thing. Back in March of 2021 we moved to Rio Rancho, NM where there is about 10 inches of snow a year compared to the 76 inches a year in Castle Rock.  We decided to move for the warmer climate since we are avid recreational runners and enjoy traveling and running marathons together.

Since 2008 when I ran my first marathon in San Diego, I’ve ran a total of 118 marathons, that includes a couple of Ultra Marathons all around the United States with my wife Becky and various friends. Becky completed 100 full marathons a year ago and she hung up her passion for full marathons and now she runs half marathons. We don’t run fast, but just for fun and mainly to go to cool places for a Weekend getaway and get some quality time and exercise together.

What’s the story behind ShareMerchant.com

I’ve owned this domain for years and I originally bought it years ago to with the idea of “get paid to share” as a share merchant. I decided to use this website to promote a new series of classified ad websites that I created called Freak Sites. I created Cars Freak as a classified ad site for cars because I’m known as The Cool Car Guy and I have had a car dealership and been doing car sales for almost 19 years. Classified advertising is expensive and I wanted a cost effective solution to advertise, so I developed Cars Freak and made it only $99 a year for other dealers, individuals, affiliate marketers or people in the automotive industry to create one or multiple classified ads.

Once I created Cars Freak for cars, I had the idea to duplicate the classified ad website for other target markets like I did for cars. I created Writers Freak for authors, Travelers Freak for the travel industry, Crafts Freak for people who are marketing on Etsy or other craft enthusiasts, Pets Freak for pets and pet related businesses, Traders Freak for affiliate marketers and people selling on Ebay or collectibles and other products. There are currently 12 different Freak Sites classified ad websites at the time of this post, and each one is only $99 for a one-year subscription to create classified ads on the site, which is about 27 cents a day. I wanted to make it affordable for everyone.

Affiliate Marketing

If you read the first page of Share Merchant you will discover that a person can use the Freak Sites series of classified ads to promote affiliate marketing products. They have to put in the ad that they can be paid as an affiliate from someone clicking on an ad or making a purchase, but beyond that they can use it to create an income for themselves using affiliate marketing that is a giant online industry.

In addition, I created a free affiliate program for people to get paid for promoting Freak Sites, which is really nothing more than “getting paid to share”,using an affiliate link, which works perfectly with this website ShareMerchant.com. I am allowing any affiliates who join Freak Sites to use this website as a sales tool to promote the benefits of affiliate marketing as a way to earn additional income and to use classified advertising as a sales and marketing tool. If you arrived at Share Merchant from an affiliate and they included their affiliate link for Freak Sites, please reach back out to that person or click on their link, so that they can get compensated if you decide to take advantage of our $99 a year classified ad subscription.

This Is Not Rocket Science

I’m a marathon runner, a car salesman and an all around goofball who likes to earn an above average income and have a great deal of fun. I didn’t create Freak Sites thinking I was going to get rich off of them, but to use as another tool for my CoolCarGuy.com business. If you need a vehicle by the way, be sure and reach out to me, so that you can leverage my one-of-a-kind “boutique” car dealership to get your next ride.

The fact is that millions of people need to earn more money. Which is why I created the affiliate program to drive traffic to the Freak Sites using affiliate marketing and to allow other people to leverage and create an income from what I’ve created. It’s a cool idea, it’s a very simple idea and I’ve found over my years of selling hundreds of millions of dollars of goods and services that “simple sells”.

If you’re looking for a cost effective way to advertise check out the Freak Sites classified ad network for $99 a year to list a classified ad to promote yourself or your business using classified ads. If you’re looking for a way to earn additional income, join an affiliate program or multiple affiliate programs and use a Freak Sites classified ad site to promote your products or service that you’re marketing. You can also join the Freak Sites Affiliate Marketing program and “get paid to share” our classified ad network with other people.

If you are not interested in any of these things, just keep me in mind for your next vehicle.

Thanks for stopping by!